About us

At Presence of Mine, we believe that the purpose of image consulting is to help you define what your unique presence and style is, and then help you bring it to life. There are powerful psychological and sociological and visual principles we can use as tools, but there's no "one right way" of doing things that works for everyone. Contrary to what you might read in the style rulebooks, we don't all need a tailored white button up blouse and a black blazer and a black dress and black pumps. This might just not be aligned with the person you are or the life you're living.

We'll work with you to achieve your goals, in a way which works for you. If you prefer to learn the principles yourself, targeted image consulting sessions can provide you with the tools you need in order to do that. If you would prefer to work more closely with an image consultant to craft your presence and personal style over time, coaching sessions might be more to your taste.

If you're not sure where to start, please don't hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

What our clients say

I'd always assumed I had a fairly good grasp of what looks good on me and what doesn't - colours, shapes, fabrics, etc. My choice of clothing has been working fairly well for a long time, but not so well in the last 5-7 years. I was stuck on what to change and why, and feeling more than a little frustrated about it!

Kylie was able to work out what was wrong in under a day, and to give me some very clear guidelines, with explanations, about how to make changes that will work now that I'm older. Knowing the why as well as the what is so helpful, because it gives me a way to quickly identify if something is going to work or not, which is going to make shopping that much more effective. Better still, she helped me identify ways to get more mileage out of my clothing by using accessories in the right way to glam up daytime wear and carry it through for nighttime wear without having to go and spend a bundle on new clothes.

Aletha Blayse (individual colour analysis, style profile, style coaching, and wardrobe audit)

While personal image hasn't always been at the top of my priority list, I am realising that in a professional role I need to wear more than just striped navy shirts; however bright clown coloured shirts never appealed to me either.
After some time with Kylie I gained a better understanding of colours, shades and styles that better suited me, and it has helped to give me an edge and confidence in my personal appearance. I am more comfortable with the new colours I am wearing, and I also finally understood why some clothing colours looked terrible on me and I don't feel bad donating these away now. I was really surprised at the findings that she made but once I saw them it all completely made sense.

Kylie was great to work with, she had some great ideas and is extremely passionate about what she does.

I strongly recommend that if you're like me and need some deep insights into your personal style, that you give Kylie a call.

Allan Tan (Professional Image team building session on colours and grooming)

We’ve all wondered why certain individuals just seem to command attention. These people may not even be considered “beautiful” in a traditionally accepted sense, so what is it that causes heads to turn? In my younger days, some girls had what we called “It”. “It” was a quality that was more crudely expressed as “sex appeal”. In these more enlightened days, women may not feel obliged to have “It”. On the other hand, an individual may want to promote an image of being responsible, say for a job interview. How can I be sure that the image I want to present to the world is the image others actually see? What accounts for the exclamation you sometimes hear: “That colour looks great on you”? And somewhat disturbingly, why is it less encouraging to hear “That colour is great”?

In my 2 hour consultation with Kylie I discovered that these mysteries have a perfectly scientific explanation, to do with colouring – eyes, skin, hair – and dimensions. Colour and style. I’m looking forward to having a style consultation with Presence of Mine. After just one colour consultation, I’ve caught a glimpse of what this essential body of knowledge means for me. I can only express it as that “ah!” feeling – the one you get when you find a dress that brings out the colour of your eyes. Even at 65 I can still be surprised by what suits me and what doesn’t. And the rarely worn items in my cupboard bore mute witness to the need for a wardrobe analysis. As a result, I now have a set of beautiful colour cards from Presence of Mine to take shopping with me. There will be no more wardrobe failures; I will always have a handy reference to consult when choosing colours in clothes and accessories.

There is so much more to Presence of Mine that I haven’t described. You really have to experience it for yourself to appreciate the extra dimension it will bring to your well-being. Discovering my ideal colours has done wonders for my self-esteem, and as a side benefit, I got to evaluate my current wardrobe, which I found needed an upgrade. A perfect excuse for some retail therapy!

Sylvia Blayse (individual Colour Analysis)

Colour your life so it suits you!!!!

If you are like me - know nothing about what actually suits you and dread shopping because you hate trying things on (I end up trying on heaps of things that don't quite look right - and buying things I never wear because I am just tired of shopping....) ...

... this is for you!!!

Kylie shared her expertise with me and taught me about all the different aspects of choosing colours - colour plus intensity and contrast.

Kylie gave me a swatch of my colours to take with me when I shop, so I can determine whether or not something is likely to suit me without having to try on the things that won't. It's like a miracle! Now if I do find something in the right colours, it's worth trying on.

Kylie went through all the clothes in my wardrobe with me, and we compared each item with my swatch.

I dissected out the colours that weren't ever going to suit me - things that I had never worn but had spent too much money on to just throw out - and downsized my wardrobe as well.

Now when I go out, I can put this and that together with confidence - which is a new experience for me.

I was such a lovely way to spend girl time - I imagine if you got together with a group of friends and a glass of wine it would be an extremely fun, educational and social way to spend the afternoon.

I highly recommend Kylie's sense of fun and expertise!

Diana Deane (individual Colour Analysis and Wardrobe Audit)

I don’t consider myself very creatively or colour consciously minded, so when recommended a consultation with Kylie I thought that’s for me! Kylie was very professional and passionate about what she does. We had a group of four of us. It was a lot of fun and we came out with our horizons expanded when it comes to understanding colour and contrast. Would totally recommend this experience for anyone who would like to make colour work better for them.

This type of consultation would also be ideal if you’re looking for something different and fun to do for a birthday or smaller scale hens party.

Diana Johnson (4 person group Colour Analysis) 

A quick word about our founder

Kylie Stedman Gomes founded Presence of Mine in 2016 after completing courses in Advanced Colour Analysis and Style Mastery from the Academy of Professional Image. Previously, she'd been working as a business/systems analyst and IT project manager - an obvious career choice for someone with a liberal arts degree, majoring in psychology!

Anyway, enough about that. You might end up as confused as we are!  

Don't worry, that’s not a selfie.  Just seemed appropriate!
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