Personal colour analysis

Did you know that true black doesn't suit everyone, but that everyone has their own version of black which looks powerful, formal and classic on them?

Have you ever heard anyone talk about getting their "colours done"?

It might all sound very mysterious, but there is a science to colour analysis. 

Trained image consultants and colour analysts can show you the colours that will naturally enhance your skin, hair and eyes.

A personal colour analysis (PCA) is wonderful for:

    • understanding your personal colouring, and how to spot harmonising colours which bring you to life
    • planning clothing and other visual design elements for a special occasion, such as weddings or school formals and proms
    • renewing your wardrobe - maybe you've changed your hair colour or your lifestyle, or you just feel like making a new start
    • shopping more efficiently and effectively, and saving a lot of money on clothes you end up not wearing

    Personal colour analysis can also be a lot of fun in groups, whether informally, with family or friends, or as a corporate team building or development workshop. 

    Whether on your own or in a group, during a PCA consultation with a Presence of Mine image consultant, you will -

    1. Learn a little colour psychology and discover how to communicate visually with colour
    2. Discover and receive your personal swatch of 50-60 colours
    3. Identify your signature colours - the best 15-20 colours in the swatch which work as your personal eye, hair and skin enhancers and intensifiers
    4. Learn how to use your swatch to balance your clothing and accessories with your personal colour and value contrast
    5. Find answers to any burning questions you have about colour, such as:
      • What makeup should I wear? 
      • What colour tie should I wear while giving this presentation to the board? 
      • How can I look more approachable?

    Colour analysis consultation prices start from $330 (including GST) for an individual, and from $270 per person for a group of up to 8 people.  Please contact us to find out more. 

    paint colour swatches with magnifying glass