Personal style

Does your wardrobe work hard for you, or does it mainly function as storage for clothes which you've hardly ever (or never!) worn because they don't fit, don't suit, don't feel right, look weird, make you itch, aren't appropriate for the life you actually live, or don't seem to play nicely with any of your other clothes?

Over the course of a year, the vast majority of people in the western world only wear around 20% of the clothes they have in their wardrobe.

How much money, time and emotion have you invested in the unloved items in your closet?

We make this investment because on some level, we know that physical appearance -- clothing, body language, grooming -- has a huge impact on how people perceive us.

"Don't judge a book by its cover!"

Yeah right. Sounds good in theory.

In practice, the truth is that when faced with a choice about which book to read, in the absence of prior knowledge or a recommendation from someone we trust, we all make multiple assumptions (and frequently our ultimate decision) based on the books' covers.

We apply the same decision-making process to everything we see, which means that short of hiding away completely out of sight, we don't get to choose whether we communicate visually with other people. We can however make some choices about what we communicate.

Wearing clothes and accessories that suit your unique body, features, personality and lifestyle will not only make you look good, but will also help you feel comfortable and confident.

** Note - Colour is an integral aspect of style, so we strongly recommend that you have a personal colour analysis completed before your personal style consultation.  

Personal Style Profile

An image consultant has the knowledge and skills required to build a profile of your individual physical attributes and personal style, thus giving you the information you need to get control over your wardrobe. You can then choose whether to practically apply all of this information yourself, or share it with a personal shopper, adviser or stylist.

During a personal style profile consultation with a Presence of Mine image consultant, you will:

  1. Define your individual style personality and values
  2. Discover your unique body shape and face shape
  3. Identify your physical assets and decide what you would like to draw attention to
  4. Receive your personal Style Profile Report, summarising your personal attributes and preferences, and containing styling recommendations in terms of cut, patterns, textures and lines for a range of clothing and accessory items based on your personal profile

The price for a 2-3 hour individual personal style profile consultation is $440 (including GST). Group consultations are also available for $380 per person for a group of 2-4 people, or $320 per person for a group of 5-8 people.

Personal Style Coaching

There is a wealth of information freely available online for those who enjoy research and teaching themselves new skills, so a style profile consultation may be all you need.

Of course, this approach won't appeal to everyone. There is really rather a lot of information, and it can seem downright contradictory at times.

If you would like some help in learning "how to fish" for yourself, Presence of Mine also offers personal style coaching in the underlying principles of style. These are the principles you will need to understand and apply in order to become your own personal stylist.  

In one or more coaching sessions, a Presence of Mine image consultant can teach you how to:

  1. Make your individual style personality and values work for you in different situations, within the context of your lifestyle
  2. Learn to recognise quality and personal fit, and understand the alterations needed to adjust 'off the rack' clothes to suit your body
  3. Develop a healthy relationship with current fashion trends, without compromising your own style or values
  4. Focus people's attention on what you want them to notice
  5. Create visual balance and proportion for your body type and shape and your face shape and features
  6. Understand and use the tools of illusion -- lines, shapes, textures, patterns, colours and more
  7. Use 'finishers' -- makeup, hairstyle, shoes, glasses, hats, ties, bags, jewellery, scarves and more
  8. Efficiently and effectively review and rejuvenate your wardrobe
Individual coaching session rates are $180 for the first hour, and $70 for each subsequent half hour (30 minute) increment. We can also run group classes on request. Please contact us to find out more.